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Offset Printing Services  

To Get the right prints and quality works, starts by  engaging RIGHT and  Trusted printing company.  Inkpaste Printers and Stationers  has been at fore front in offering high quality branding and printing services in Nairobi,Kenya, locally and East Africa Region

Our wide range of offset printing services is loved my many  organisations,companies,NGOs, SME, individuals among others. We have the capacity and human resource to handle any kind of printing tasks from an average printing works to bulky printing services in the shortest time Possible. whenever, you need any printing services in Kenya,count on us.

Here are some of printing products we offer.

Magazines and newsletters,Text books,labels

Brochures,flyers,business cards,posters,stickers,receipt books,banners,manuals,menus,flyers.......

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Branding and Promotional Items

Branding is a norm for a modern business that need to set a phase and indeed create an impression that will stand the taste of time.
We are proud to be one of the leading suppliers of branded items and promotional give-away in Kenya and in the region. Our branding and printing services focus on strong value and images creations of our clients enterprise. 

The branded merchandise is done by  flatbed printing, Screen printing, large format among others.
 Our  high  quality branding services include among others: 

 Branded mugs, pens, umbrella, key rings, t- shirts, stickers, display stands reflector jackets, flash disk, and insurance stickers. banners,outdoor stickers, reflector jackets,branded diaries and note books, folders, vehicles branding, key rings etc.

We shall always be delighted to help  you brand your business

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     Digital Printing Services

To ensure we serve all our clients,we have digital printing services department to offer short run prints and items that need special attention.  

Our digital print ensures work like certificates, business cards,manuals,training material,posters,brochures,invitation cards, small volume of labels and flyers among others are delivered on time. 

order quality printing services 

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Books Printing and Publishing Services 

Stress free books printing process start by choosing the right printer for the printing and publishing services. Inkpaste Printers is among the experienced books printing company in Kenya and in the region.

Count on us to print all kind of books and publications which include: educational books, novels, story books, memoir, history books, textbooks, set books, religious books, religious books, workshop manuals and training books among others. 

Unlike other printing companies in Kenya we take all kind of books printing order, whether small or huge volume. 

Order books printing services from us today    

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                   Printed Stationary

Printed stationary plays a vital role in promoting your brand and general image creation. Some of the stationary printing we offer  include:

 letter heads, complimentary slips, branded receipt books, invoice books, cash sales , delivery books, petty/cash /payment vouchers, job cards, branded envelops, business cards, branded pens, branded note books, branded calendars, branded cake boxes,captain orders, among others

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Large Format Printing

Publicity has been made  easier with high quality large format printing. 

These items include: Banners Printing, displays stands, roll up banners, out door stickers,one way stickers, A1 prints, insurance stickers,back drop among others

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Quality Commercial Printing Services 

                   We are determine to provide nothing but quality branding and printing services to our clients with utmost integrity and honesty. A number of organisations,institutions, companies and individuals have put trust in our quality commercial printing services in Nairobi. It would be our pleasure to bring you on board and serve you.

Count on Inkpaste Printers and Stationers for high quality printing services in Nairobi, affordable pricing and quick turn round round time.

Business Cards Printing Services

Inkpaste Printers and stationers designs and prints high quality business cards printing services  on 300/ 350 Gsm cards at competitive prices and quick turn round time.

Additional features on the business cards, include: round corners, lamination (matte and gloss) 3D lamination, velvet lamination and die cut business cards

Looking forwards to receiving your Business cards orders.

Magazines and Newsletters Printing services

We have build a repute in the region for printing high quality magazines,newsletters,brochures  and flyers among other Publications.

The magazines printing services are done on quality paper (art paper) with either matte or glossy finish.

We offer all sort of binding which include, saddle stitch,perfect or hardcover binding 

T- shirts printing services in Nairobi,Kenya 

We are leading T- shirts printing company in Kenya and in the region. We offer t-shirt branding for corporate,charity Events,Conferences,Groups, Charity Organisations, Business Enterprises and individuals
We offer best quality printing and at competitive rate.
We brand both round neck shirts and polo (color shirts)

Invoice books, Receipt Books Printing Services

Do you need transaction / procurement books with your company name, details and logo? We design and offer branded invoice books, receipts, vouchers, gate pass, delivery books,cash sales receipts, captain orders among others.

We print the books on self carbonated papers (Ncr) bond papers, banks papers and  newsprint papers.

Calendar Printing services 

Our well design and printed calendars, will give your business/ organisations publicity for 12 month. Get high quality calender's for your business,enterprise,organisation at good rates. 
We offer both desk and wall calendars printed on nice paper.

Books Printing and Publishing

We  are the leading book printing company in Kenya ,East Africa region and beyond, Count  on us  for quality books printing and publishing

Best Printing Shop in Nairobi, Kenya

Inkpaste Printers and stationers  Nairobi are among the top branding and printing companies in Kenya.  Our outstanding quality branding and printing services
as placed above our competitors. Thrive to design, branding and printing services, stationary and related services with integrity.

We are best printers in Kenya and some of our printings include offset printing services, digital printing, large format printing,

screen printing and graphic design.   Some of the printing services offers at our print shop are:  

Business cards, letter heads, brochures, flyers, magazines, newsletters, posters, procurement books(invoice books, 

receipt books, delivery, cash sales, payment/ petty cash vouchers etc.),mugs branding, branded note books, 

branded pens, t-shirts printings, books printing and publishing, banners and roll ups, event printing services,

labels and stickers, certificates, tags, manuals, booklets, training materials stationary, printing papers among others.

Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need printer handle your Printing services in Nairobi, Kenya to help you 

print your document, banners, training material and branded stationary. We have top notch printing machines 

which guaranteed quality out put and quick delivery.


Best Printing Companies in Nairobi Kenya

Inkpaste Printers and Stationers is among the leading printing companies in Kenya. Over the years the firms has remain top for supporting hundred of business, corporation, institution and individuals among others.  The branding and printing services at the firm is top north and loved by many who have experienced the same.

Some of the services offered by the printer include: business cards printing, posters, printing, letter heads, flyers, complimentary slips, bank slips, brochures, magazines, event printings, newsletters ,note books, calendars among others. If you are looking for the best printing companies in Kenya then, Inkpaste printers will handle your need perfectly.

Moreover, Inkpaste Printers and Stationers is among the most affordable printing companies in Kenya and beyond boarders.

Inkpaste Printers Nairobi,Kenya 

Inkpaste Printers and Stationers Nairobi, Kenya have been at fore front in providing high quality branding and printing solution both for local and international clients. Inkpaste Printers and Stationers Nairobi has been voted among the top printing companies in Nairobi, Kenya.

Quality branding and printing services start by getting the right printing firm, thus, by engaging Inkpaste Printers, you are guaranteed value for money.

Talk to Inkpaste Printers and Stationers Nairobi through +254724720002 Email:  /

Quality and Affordable Printing Service in Nairobi,Kenya 

If you have experienced our printing services, you would confer that Inkpaste Printers and stationers is among a few printing companies in Kenya that offer quality and cheap printing services in Kenya. We are flexible with our pricing model to ensure we bring everybody on board and moreover our printing and branding service fit into your budget. Quality printing services don’t have to be expensive, Get good output cheap printing services in Nairobi from us

Over the years our printing shop  has  deliver printing services to  thousands of offices and business enterprises, schools, companies and institutions, government ministries, universities and colleges, to conferences and events, exhibitions, government s , International organizations and NGOS.

Our one stop printing and branding company offer all kind of printing services from small runs to bulky printing services. We offer all our prints on shortest time possible. Some of the printing services you will enjoy from us include: Business cards, brochures, branded stationary, posters, flyers, newsletters, books printing and publishing, magazines, receipt books, invoice books, delivery books, pens, notebooks, T- shirts printing, documents printings, events and conference printings among others.

We offer cheap printing services in Nairobi, Kenya without compromising on the quality of the prints. If you are looking for printing services in Nairobi, Kenya or East Africa region, don’t look further, we shall be glad to assist.



Quality Printing Services

Inkpaste Printers and stationers is a reputed printing Company in Kenya, and has over the years recognized as of the best suppliers of Quality Printing and branding services in Kenya and across the region.  if your are looking for quality printing services in Nairobi, then count on us.

 Branding and printing Services

We brand and print the following give away items: calendars, t-shirts,pens,note books,umbrellas, mugs,key rings ,shopping bags,folders among others. Our print shop is among the best provider of printing services in Nairobi Kenya

 Promotional items

Quality printing services and promotional items starts by contracting the best printer to do the task. Inkpaste Printers and Stationers has been at fore front in offering customer oriented quality printing services in Nairobi,Kenya and beyond the Kenyan borders.


We are well stock with stationary like:  printing papers, envelopes,pens, copy  papers, manila papers, newsprint papers among others.