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Inkpaste Printers and Stationers is a leading commercial printer in Kenya and supplier of printings works, graphic designers, stationeries among other office supplies. The firm has been at forefront in providing quality printings works to individuals who needs single prints to bulk commercial offset printing, packaging printings, digital printing, screen printing, computer printing, and large format printings. We have modern equipment, printing machines and well trained staff who guarantee efficiency and quick delivery.


We have a tailored products and services that we can offer to wide range of clientele which includes; Corporate firms, real estate industry, textile industry, schools, colleges and universities, SME businesses, politicians, various ministries, NGOS, churches, publishers, offices, children homes agents among others. Our two units in town (for small runs task) and industrial plant allows us to serve our customer timely and facilitates convenience among others. Our agent across the region has been a great tool in marketing our services and acting on our behalf in their respective region. Inkpaste Printers and Stationers enjoys amazing relation with other industry players, bale to offer or outsource the other related services which it can not offer.


There are a couple of reasons why you should Consider trading with Inkpaste Printers and Stationers;

· Flexible payment terms

· Quick delivery

· Quality printing works

· Free deliveries, i.e. within Nairobi and its environ

· A one stop shop for all the printing needs and stationery.


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Offset printing 
Digital printing 
Screen printing 
Large format 
Graphic Designing 
Pre - press services

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