*       Art paper

*      Newsprint papers

*      Manila paper and board

*      Art cards/boards

*      Avoline board

*      Cover boards

*      Brown Kraft paper

*      Bank paper

*      White lined chipboard

*       Duplex board

*      Mg covers

*      Duplicating paper

*      Straw boards

*      Self-adhesive papers (adestor/oji/crystal/eurotak)

*      Pvc white /clear

*      Improved newsprint

*      Colored bank papers

*      Colored newsprint papers

*      Royal executive papers

*      Conquerors paper

*      Excalibur paper

*      Pinstripe papers

*      Colored bond papers

*      Photocopy papers

*      Folding box boards

*       Book papers

*      Label papers

*      Grey boards

*      Core boards

*      Paper cores

*      Grease proof

*      Sugar paper

*      Ammonia paper

*      Wax paper

*      Salivate paper

*      Directory paper

*      Embossed papers

*      Special papers

*      Bond papers

     Among others

Text Box: PAPERS

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